SiteSage Monitoring

Remote Energy Monitoring

Monitor electricity usage at the electric panel, down to the equipment level, and leverage patented analysis to produce critical equipment intelligence. Replace reactive service calls with proactive calls, reduce downtime, and move to a predictive, condition-based maintenance program. With SiteSage’s mobile-first approach, commercial energy monitoring has never been so simple.

Remote Energy Monitoring Interface

SiteSage remote energy monitoring will make it easy to:

  • Identify locations that are failing to deliver customer comfort
  • Find compressors that are short cycling
  • Spot overloaded or failing refrigeration units
  • Highlight equipment on or off at inappropriate times
  • Track equipment run time and receive maintenance due alerts

Questions about SiteSage and commercial energy monitoring?

SiteSage & Remote Equipment Monitoring

SiteSage remote equipment monitoring lets you access the data needed to help maintain equipment and overall facility operational performance.

Remote Equipment Monitoring Interface
  • Pinpoint heating and cooling stages or failing economizers
  • Benchmark RTU efficiency using duct air temperatures
  • Track and analyze pressure, relative humidity, CO2 and VOCs, along with natural gas and water usage, and more
  • Monitor renewable energy sources, including both solar PV and wind, and obtain alerts when the system is not producing the expected level of power