SiteSage Assets

Equipment Asset Management with SiteSage Assets

Many organizations with dispersed locations do not have complete, up-to-date information on what equipment is installed at each location, much less a process for creating an equipment condition report or calculating total cost of ownership.

SiteSage Assets (patent pending) enables organizations to capture properties, conditions, and photos of critical equipment and maintain that information over time. As an equipment asset management tool, SiteSage Assets provides critical data for capital replacement as well as maintenance planning.

Equipment Asset Management from SiteSage Assets


  • Easily capture equipment properties and conditions with a mobile app
  • Analyze data through an enterprise equipment condition report that includes interactive maps
  • Leverage a unique scoring algorithm to compare equipment based on age, condition, energy use, and other variables
  • Perform a total cost of ownership analysis to prioritize equipment maintenance and replacement
  • Track equipment warranties

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Learn more about equipment asset management with SiteSage and take a spin through the Assets module: Watch a demo