Why SiteSage

Enhance HVAC/Equipment Control

Advanced features simplify use and maximize savings

  • True enterprise-level HVAC control
  • Flexible local lock-out
  • Micro-targeting (up to 8 HVAC periods/day)
  • Smart stage management
  • Demand limiting
  • Multiple lighting/equipment schedules per day with absolute or relative (open/close; sunrise/sunset) scheduling
  • Unique, intuitive graphical interface

Reveal Operational Inefficiencies

Granular monitoring and automated analytics deliver actionable intelligence

  • Identify equipment operating outside planned schedules – and resulting costs
  • Highlight equipment operating inefficiently
  • Benchmark equipment to identify outliers
  • Spot water leaks

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Enable More Effective Repair & Maintenance

Analytics and diagnostics provide advance warning of impending problems

  • Replace reactive emergency repairs with less expensive proactive maintenance

  • Verify problems before dispatching techs

  • Pinpoint source of problem to speed repairs

  • Verify repairs have actually been completed

  • Transition from calendar-based to condition-based maintenance

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