SiteSage Bills

Simplify Multi-Location Utility Bill Management with SiteSage

Dealing with multiple utility bills across a number of facilities can be daunting, leading to data entry errors, late payments, and missed overcharges can reduce profits. SiteSage Bills changes that and makes multi-location utility bill management a breeze.

Facilities Utility Bill Management from SiteSage
  • Capture utility bills (electric, gas & water) electronically to get them faster and eliminate data entry errors
  • Gain rapid access to on-line bill images and customizable in-depth billing reports
  • Benchmark facilities against a range of key performance indicators to identify trends and problems

Questions about utility bill processing and analysis with SiteSage?

SiteSage Utility Bill Processing & Analysis

Utility Bill Processing & Analysis with SiteSage
  • Leverage SiteSage data to obtain accurate month-end accruals, convert billing into fiscal periods, and provide insight into anomalies
  • Analyze bills across multiple dimensions to flag overcharges and errors