Ensure operational efficiency and protect profits across a portfolio of small commercial facilities - even with limited facility management resources and energy hungry equipment.

Managing multiple small facilities is a challenge. We understand that challenge – and created SiteSage to deliver operational visibility and enhanced productivity to multi-unit companies such as restaurants, convenience stores, retail stores, and more. With SiteSage, you can:

Cloud computing


To Critical

HVAC and equipment monitoring system


Operations in
real time

Operational Process Improvement and Analysis



Control HVAC and Equipment


HVAC and

SiteSage Will:

Enhance Equipment

Provide Operational

Reduce Energy

SiteSage Works for Small Facilities

Minimize capital expense

Delivers maximum savings with minimal staff effort


Meets the needs of time-strapped team members who are not sitting at computers, with mobile first access and exception-based reporting

Leverages low cost sensors and controls, and wireless communications to keep deployment costs down

Operational performance

Addresses a full range of operational performance issues in a single system


Delivers rapid payback, often paying for itself in under 1 year

Little or no upfront cost

Available at little or no up-front cost and may qualify for utility and state rebates

SiteSage is designed for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, and offers functionality designed for operators of specific types of facilities. A version of SiteSage is also available for residential use.


SiteSage is built on a robust, highly secure, modular and scalable cloud-based architecture.


Modular. Install only those hardware components that are needed for your specific requirements. Leverage the software modules that provide the greatest benefits and returns.

Scalable. SiteSage grows with you. From twenty locations to thousands, SiteSage can meet your needs.


Secure. All SiteSage hardware components communicate wirelessly with the SiteSage Gateway. SiteSage is PCI certified at the highest level to ensure data security.

PCI Security Standards

SiteSage is PCI Level 1 Certified

This is the highest level of security certification available, intended for merchants processing at least 6 million transactions annually. You can be certain your data is safe with SiteSage.

SiteSage Applications

SiteSage is available in two applications that help drive operational efficiencies and can be used by a diverse set of organizational types and facility sizes.

Equipment and Energy Management

For any multisite operator looking for centralized HVAC, lighting and equipment control to reduce energy spend, maintenance and equipment downtime.

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Connected Kitchen Equipment and Food Safety

Food service operators and food retailers use Open Kitchen by SiteSage to connect and digitize an automate the commercial kitchen.

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