Powerhouse Dynamics offers a full range of services to ensure that our customers achieve the full value of SiteSage.

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Powerhouse Dynamics CSMPowerhouse Dynamics is committed to the success of our customers and offers a suite of services designed to help you attain your energy and asset management objectives.

Our in-house experts are ready to assist you in meeting your goals from day one and on an ongoing basis. This starts with an initial pilot program, continues with work to capture utility or other rebates that accelerate an already rapid payback, and follows with ongoing support and guidance to maximize the benefits of implementing an enterprise asset and energy management program.

You can leverage our Services to:

  • Maximize savings available through SiteSage
  • Minimize staff time spent on asset and energy management activities
  • Enhance your diagnostics of equipment problems
  • Learn best practices

Pilot Program

Powerhouse Dynamics provides a turnkey onboarding experience which includes financial analysis, savings recommendations, full use of SiteSage features, and our Managed Services plan. Our rigorously structured Pilot program allows you to experience the full value of our software and services. The Pilot program is driven by a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). The dedicated CSM will be your single point of contact and provide expert training, analysis, guidance and recommendations to ensure you are adopting energy management best practices and are meeting your goals for the program.

We guide you through the six-month Pilot program including a kickoff, two check-ins and a final review meeting. During the kickoff we set goals and expectations. The check-in meetings provide training, review progress, discuss open equipment performance issues, solicit your feedback to adjust system settings, and present a savings update. At the final meeting, we review your goals and savings, site performance, and the recommendations provided. At the end of the Pilot, you will know if SiteSage is right for you, and we will have jointly developed your optimum configuration for a program rollout.

Post-Pilot Services

Rebate Management

Once you have completed the pilot program and are ready for a full rollout, Powerhouse Dynamics can facilitate access to utility rebates. During this end-to-end service, our team will research, consult and apply for utility rebates to accelerate your payback.


Deployment Management

Powerhouse Dynamics provides a turnkey service to manage enterprise rollouts across North America. Our growing team of certified deployment partners can install SiteSage quickly and efficiently anywhere in our service territory.

Support & Advisory Services

Powerhouse Dynamics offers three options for ongoing services to supplement the SiteSage asset and energy management system, save you time, and help you gain the maximum benefit from the system. Our services range from reactive support for issues that come up at your locations to effectively serving as an outsourced energy manager. With each option you will be assigned one of our experienced Customer Success Managers (CSMs), who have years of experience helping customers achieve their energy goals as they progress toward best-in-class energy management. For the Call Center and Managed Services options, in addition to your dedicated CSM, our full team will be available 24/7 to assist you with energy and asset management issues.

Call Center

With Call Center service, our team continually monitors your system and makes you aware of connectivity and other issues. If you are experiencing a hot or cold issue or have a question about the system, use your dedicated support extension for real-time help diagnosing equipment performance issues. In addition, our support team will receive and escalate equipment emergency alerts, allowing you to maintain comfort and safety at your facility, and work with you to maintain controlled equipment and thermostat schedules, adjust alerts, and confirm that repairs have been made.


With the Analytics service, the Powerhouse Dynamics team acts as your energy management experts, helping to identify best practices and ways to save. As with the Call Center option, we will continuously monitor connectivity, and we will proactively review equipment performance and provide regular reports on equipment issues and savings opportunities. With this option, you will also receive monthly benchmarking reports on actual savings achieved, and periodic coaching on best practices.

Managed Services

Managed Services combines both Call Center and Analytics to, in effect, augment your in-house staff with additional staff members aimed at helping you minimize problems and maximize savings. All of the services offered in both plans are included in Managed Services to deliver both on-demand expert support and proactive performance analysis with best practice recommendations.

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