Connected Equipment

Connect your equipment to improve operational efficiency as part of your comprehensive SiteSage solution. Watch our webinar with Henny Penny, Traulsen, and Alto-Shaam to learn more.

Orchestrates the Commercial Internet of Things


Your equipment is trying to tell you something. Are you listening?

Free stranded data from your HVAC, commercial kitchen and other connected equipment to help you ensure it is being used as intended and is functioning properly. SiteSage is factory-integrated with major manufacturers.

Equipment Manufacturers

We teach your equipment to talk.

Getting data from your customers’ equipment to the cloud enables proactive service and reduces downtime through remote equipment management – at lower cost to you. Learn how SiteSage can help you delight your customers and boost your bottom line.

The Internet of Things for Operators

The “Internet of Things” sounds complicated, but with SiteSage, it’s really quite simple: if your equipment could talk, it would tell you things that can help improve operational efficiency. Is it performing at peak efficiency? Is it being used properly by your staff?

By integrating with and creating connected equipment, SiteSage can:

IoT Evolution Business Impact Award 2016

  • Proactively identify equipment usage or performance problems
  • Reduce operational costs, including labor and utility costs
  • Enhance product quality and safety

…All as part of a platform that provides enterprise-wide energy and asset management, and integrates and leverages data from ALL of your equipment, so you have a single system to improve operational efficiency.

Powerhouse Dynamics is a ServiceChannel Solution PartnerAnd SiteSage is already integrated with ServiceChannel, so work orders can be automatically generated based on equipment conditions that you can customize.

Learn more about SiteSage ServiceChannel integration.

Your equipment is continually generating valuable information – but that information is locked in the equipment until someone goes on site to rescue it. SiteSage connects equipment to the cloud to provide our partners – and their customers – with access to critical equipment information in real time.

Setting up connected equipment has never been easier – and now it can be accomplished as part of a comprehensive solution that will enable you to improve service and delight your customers.

SiteSage controls HVAC systems and food storage, prep, and cooking equipment while managing energy use at thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers. Now, SiteSage helps HVAC and equipment manufacturers get stranded data online to produce actionable information, reports and alerts. SiteSage is not just a platform; its off-the-shelf software is designed to help improve operational efficiency by reducing customer service costs, improving product uptime & performance, and providing customers with complete visibility and remote equipment management.


  • Is factory-enabled in thousands of pieces of commercial equipment from multiple manufacturers
  • Provides customers with what they are asking for: a single centralized platform for accessing key data from different connected equipment
  • Delivers continuous food preparation and storage tracking and automatically generates food safety reports – protecting food safety & enhancing quality
  • Combines data taken directly from the HVAC equipment with other data being collected to deliver advanced diagnostics and optimized performance
  • Makes integration easy by leveraging a “Developer’s Kit” that simplifies delivery of a comprehensive solution

Customers prefer SiteSage because it allows them to access a range of equipment – including yours — through a single platform, simplifying their operations.

Powerhouse Dynamics is forming partnerships with a growing list of equipment manufacturers. To learn more about how we can partner with you to get your equipment online, contact us.

SiteSage is integrated with equipment from many manufacturers, including: