Enterprise-wide visibility and equipment management across every location, on a single platform

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Designed for today’s small box Retail facility needs

Improve the shopping experience by controlling temperatures and lighting while extending the service life of critical equipment and reducing energy costs by as much as 20%.

SiteSage is a retail energy management system designed to meet the specific needs of small box chains, with powerful enterprise-level asset and energy management capabilities that address HVAC, lighting and more. Certified at the highest level of PCI compliance, SiteSage follows rigorous protocols to ensure data security at all times.

Retail stores are responsible for large energy consumption, which requires more intensified action to improve energy efficiency. Effective energy management can improve energy efficiency in retail stores.

Journal of Energy and Power Engineering

Reduce costs and extend equipment life throughout your Health Clinics

Equipment spread over many locations and limited staff resources can lead to major inefficiencies. SiteSage provides a flexible, scalable energy management solution for busy Health Clinics.

SiteSage includes both hardware and software combined to provide centralized HVAC control, remote control of lighting, and other essential equipment, central monitoring of electricity, gas, water, temperature, and renewable energy. The innovative SiteSage platform provides Health Clinic with robust control and visibility from patented, real-time data analytics and monitoring.

Patients and staff depend on the energy resources to power the very facilities and equipment that allow them to work and heal. Because of this, most healthcare organizations treat their utility budgets as fixed costs, pay the bills and move on. With this approach, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in savings are left on the table. The reality? Energy is a controllable cost.

Healthcare Facilities Today

Powerful enterprise energy management for Commercial facilities

Ensure operational efficiency and protect profits across your commercial facility – even with limited facility resources and energy-hungry equipment.

SiteSage empowers any portfolio of small to midsize commercial facilities with enterprise asset and energy management capabilities. Customers include but are not limited to Telecom and Data Centers, Small Office and Municipal Buildings, Banks, Multi-Family Housing, and more.

What our customers like best about the platform is the ease of use of the software. The ability to analyze their sites from one to the next, to benchmark the performance of their sites – they love the platform.

George Huettel, Engie (formerly Ecova)