The equipment optimization and energy management application of SiteSage delivers enterprise-wide visibility and reduced operating costs. With centralized HVAC, lighting, and equipment control, you can balance comfort and energy use.

Reduce energy spend. Improve maintenance programs.

SiteSage enables you to control HVAC, lighting and equipment to lower energy expenses, maintenance costs and equipment downtime.

HVAC Controls

Control energy use and temperatures to help optimize HVAC performance

Equipment Control

Control just about any equipment, including lighting, signage, and more

Remote Energy Monitoring

Leverage patented analysis to produce critical equipment intelligence

Remote Equipment Monitoring

Access the data needed to maintain equipment and facility operational performance

Equipment Asset Management

Easily capture equipment properties and conditions with a mobile app and maintain that information over time

Commercial buildings can save energy by using advanced sensors and automated controls in HVAC, plug loads, lighting, and window shading technologies, as well as advanced building automation and data analytics. Buildings that have advanced controls and sensors along with automation, communication, and analytic capabilities are known as smart buildings.

American Counsel for an Energy-Efficient Economy