Automate HACCP Reporting and Food Safety with SiteSage Smart Kitchen

HACCP workflow actionYou have a food safety and HACCP process in place, and maybe you have even looked at some degree of automation. But how much more effective can that process be, and how much time could you save, by fully automating it? What if you could eliminate concerns about inaccurate reporting while protecting your brand and freeing your staff to serve guests better? 


Would you be interested in learning how leading brands, including Arby’s, utilize state-of-the-art technology to manage their food safety programs?

Watch this 40-minute webinar to learn more about automating food safety and HACCP reporting with SiteSage Smart Kitchen - an end-to-end on premise food safety solution from Powerhouse Dynamics.

CEO Martin Flusberg and Senior Director of Product Management Jason Roeder will show you how you can enhance food safety and quality, reduce shrinkage, and save valuable staff time with SiteSage Smart Kitchen. You'll learn:


  • How you can eliminate clipboards with SiteSage's mobile app and portable temperature probe, better managing work flows, tracking corrective actions, and automating HACCP reports
  • How to leverage fixed temperature sensors, escalating alarms and exception-based reporting to enhance food safety
  • What kitchen equipment comes factory integrated with SiteSage, what's on the horizon, and how the added data this integration provides generates significant additional value


Developed in cooperation with food safety experts, SiteSage Smart Kitchen combines fixed and mobile temperature monitoring, configurable alarms, factory-integration with certain equipment, management of work flows and corrective action tracking, automated HACCP reporting, and more. SiteSage, a powerful enterprise asset and energy management system, is used in thousands of food service locations across North America.

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