Through our equipment integration offering, Powerhouse Dynamics partners with manufacturers of many types of equipment, including food preparation equipment, refrigeration equipment, HVAC equipment, irrigation systems, and more. When we integrate your equipment into the SiteSage and Open Kitchen platforms, you benefit along with your customers. By getting your equipment’s stranded data online to produce actionable information, reports, and alerts, SiteSage and Open Kitchen help you:

  • Reduce your costs to serve your customers
  • Improve product uptime & performance
  • Provide your customers with complete remote visibility — and in some cases, remote control

… all as part of a single, cohesive, award-winning platform that delivers complete enterprise-level asset and energy management for companies managing multiple commercial facilities. Your equipment can integrate with SiteSage and Open Kitchen in several different ways, including:

  • IoT Evolution Business Impact Award 2016Integrate at the cloud level via an API

In addition to the benefits of integration, our equipment partners can benefit from our Partner Referral Program, too. Interested in exploring more? Please contact us.


SiteSage and Open Kitchen can integrate with equipment from many manufacturers, including: