Revolutionizing Food Service and Food Retail Operations

As a multi-site operator, you need simple yet powerful solutions to help enhance operational efficiencies.
We created Open Kitchen for you.

Gain Operational Transparency

Real-time access and insight into kitchen and equipment operations

Enhance Equipment Performance

Shift from reactive to proactive equipment servicing

Reduce Energy Expenses

Ensure consistent and efficient schedules for HVAC and other equipment

The ONE IoT-Based Solution to Enhance Foodservice Facility Performance

With Open Kitchen, restaurants, convenience stores, and food retailers can connect, analyze, and control key equipment, including HVAC, refrigeration, and a wide range of kitchen equipment brands, to automate essential facility functions.

  • Connected kitchen equipment
  • Real-time alerts
  • Workflow processing
  • Corrective action tracking
  • Enterprise HVAC control & diagnostics
  • Enterprise control of lighting, signage
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Remote recipe distribution

Unlike other solutions on the market, Open Kitchen is:

Open and Flexible – visibility across all locations and equipment via a single OEM-agnostic portal

A Complete Food Safety Solution – automated HACCP reporting, equipment connections, and mobile data capture

An Energy Management System – pays for itself quickly from utility bill reductions



“With its cloud-based platform enabled by locally deployed controls and sensors, Open Kitchen gives us enterprise visibility and control over mission-critical equipment such as heating, cooling, and refrigeration. We’re adding more critical equipment, such as the ovens that cook our signature roast beef, onto the Open Kitchen platform to help ensure we continue to deliver a safe and high-quality product to our customers. Open Kitchen is the backbone for our vision of a smart commercial kitchen.”

Peter Cryan, Sr. Director of Equipment R&D

Open Kitchen

Why Open Kitchen?

Open Kitchen Applications

Connected Equipment

Connect directly to kitchen equipment across all brands and extract valuable, real-time data

Food Safety

Food Safety

Digitize and automate HACCP data collection, task lists, and reporting

Energy Management

Equipment and Energy Management

Remote monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting, signage, and other equipment