SiteSage® Helps Lush Cosmetics Achieve its Sustainability Goals

Boston, MA, October 23, 2018 – Lush Cosmetics has a worldwide reputation for making sustainability a core part of the company’s day-to-day, addressing all aspects of operations from supply chain to waste to water to energy.  Powerhouse Dynamics announced today that an initial pilot test of the SiteSage Asset and Energy Management platform in 25 stores across the US and Canada delivered approximately a 23% reduction in energy use, enough to provide Lush with a clear path to their stated goal of reducing energy usage by at least 20%.  As a result, Lush is rolling the system out to 150 North American stores where they control their own energy usage.


“We had already started the process of energy reduction by installing LED lighting in stores, implementing sensor controls and more.  However, opportunities for energy savings in smaller retail spaces can be challenging.” said Richard Outhwaite, Sustainability Technical Analyst for Lush.  “Based on the results to-date, SiteSage will enable us to exceed our energy savings target and accomplish this before the 2020 target date, which is very exciting. SiteSage is also helping us better address equipment issues, reduce maintenance call outs, and keep our stores comfortable for our customers and staff”.


Lush is using SiteSage to monitor and control the HVAC equipment, ensuring it is operating efficiently and that the proper setpoints are enforced when there are no customers in the stores.  In some stores, SiteSage also controls ventilation hood exhausts, ensuring proper air quality is maintained while further controlling energy usage.


Mark Foreman, Sr. Director of Customer Operations for Powerhouse Dynamics, added: “It’s been a pleasure working with a company so devoted to sustainability, which has always been a driving force behind what we do at Powerhouse Dynamics. The system has also been saving them a considerable amount of money and had a significant impact on HVAC equipment performance”.

About Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics are purveyors of good, clean fun. They offer luxurious and ethical skincare, haircare and bath products, as well as unique gifts filled with fragrant and effective products.


2018 marks Lush’s 23rd anniversary of creating innovative cosmetics using fresh fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Lush campaigns on animal protection, human rights and environmental conservation because it’s the right thing to do. With over 930 shops worldwide, Lush is in a unique position to raise awareness on serious issues and bring about real change.


Never tested on animals, every single Lush product is vegetarian, and about 85 percent are vegan, 40 percent preservative-free and 35 percent unpackaged. Lush supports Fair Trade, Community Trade and charitable initiatives, and follows the simple policy: have the least possible impact on the environment while still producing beautiful and effective products.


About Powerhouse Dynamics

Powerhouse DynamicsSiteSage IoT-based platform connects, monitors, analyzes, and controls equipment to deliver enterprise-wide operational efficiencies to portfolios of small commercial facilities, including restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, and others. SiteSage enhances equipment performance, provides operational transparency, and reduces energy expenses. It uniquely integrates directly with HVAC, kitchen, and other equipment from major OEMs, delivering cloud connectivity and providing unprecedented real-time insight into equipment performance for both the OEMs and the Operators.


Engineered specifically for smaller facilities, SiteSage features powerful functionality delivered via simple on-line and mobile interfaces. The system, installed in thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, and other facilities, continuously enhances efficiencies by controlling major loads, monitoring power consumption and the performance of individual pieces of equipment, and tracking gas and water usage. Patented analytics deliver actionable intelligence via diagnostics and alerts. SiteSage’s enterprise-wide benchmarking capabilities identify underperforming facilities and assets. For food service organizations, SiteSage delivers a complete Food Safety solution including comprehensive temperature monitoring.