Powerhouse Dynamics President Martin Flusberg Honored Among “Top Influential Tech Leaders”

BOSTONSept. 28, 2021 — Martin Flusberg, President of Powerhouse Dynamics, has been recognized among the “Top Influential Tech Leaders” to watch in 2021 by Analytics Insight magazine, an international publication focused on AI (artificial intelligence), big data, and analytics.

Powerhouse Dynamics is the leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) based solutions to drive top and bottom line growth for multi-unit restaurants, convenience store, and retail chains and other organizations.

Clients rely on its Open Kitchen and SiteSage platforms to digitally connect, monitor, analyze, and control their equipment—from ovens and freezers to HVAC systems and lights/signs. This helps them optimize operations and pre-empt risks in real time. Open Kitchen has “revolutionized food service and food retail operations,” the publication notes.

With COVID-19 related staffing shortages and health/safety issues top of mind, Powerhouse Dynamics’ customers are using these technologies to do more with less, significantly reduce expenses, and automate food safety and other processes. With climate change becoming a more urgent issue, these solutions address sustainability as well.

“I’m very appreciative of this honor at a time when IoT applications are more impactful than ever,” said Mr. Flusberg.

The President of Powerhouse Dynamics has focused most of his career developing technologies to address energy and environmental issues.

Before joining Powerhouse Dynamics, he was co-founder and President of Nexus Energy Software, a pioneer in delivering online energy analyses for utility companies and their customers, which was sold to ESCO Technologies and is now part of Aclara Technologies.

He also served as CEO of Multisystems, Inc. and REALink Systems Corp. and ran an energy software unit of TASC that later became Lodestar Corp., since acquired by Oracle.

He holds an MSCE from MIT and a BEE from City University of New York.

About Powerhouse Dynamics

Founded in 2009 and acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2019, Powerhouse Dynamics is the leading provider of “Internet of things” (IoT)-based solutions to connect, analyze and control equipment to deliver enterprise-wide operational efficiencies. Open Kitchen, focused on Food Service and Food Retail, provides operational transparency, enhances kitchen operations, improves equipment performance, enhances food safety and quality, lowers maintenance costs, and can significantly reduce energy expenses. To learn more, visit powerhousedynamics.com.