Powerhouse Dynamics Honored as Top Food Safety Solution Provider for Restaurants and Food Retailers

BOSTONMay 4, 2021 / — Powerhouse Dynamics, which created the leading IoT-based platform that addresses equipment and food safety management for multi-unit restaurants, food service organizations, and food retailers, has been recognized as a Top Food Safety Solution Provider 2021 by Food & Beverage Technology Review.


In its April Food Safety Edition, the publication highlights Powerhouse Dynamics’ Open Kitchen® solution, which is helping these enterprises to regain strength by pre-empting or diminishing the impact of safety-related challenges.


“The onset of COVID-19 has changed the scenario and heightened organizations’ awareness of the need for more robust safety procedures. As a result, more organizations are looking to automate … as a means of reducing risk and increasing management’s visibility into any potential issues,” the publication notes.


Food & Beverage Technology Review highlights how Open Kitchen goes beyond traditional food safety solutions by not only leveraging temperature sensors in refrigeration and food warming equipment and automating food safety workflows, but by integrating directly with a full range of cooking equipment, from ovens to fryers to dish machines. This allows a broader set of potential food safety issues to be identified and addressed while also enabling real-time alerting on problems with the equipment itself. Open Kitchen also offers extensive real-time escalating alert capabilities along with proactive above-store exception reporting.


As examples, the article notes how Open Kitchen has been able to prevent consumption of meat that was cooked before defrosting and enforce dishwasher safety by monitoring temperature and detergent levels. The application’s ability to reduce line checks for one customer from 18 to 2 minutes is also reported. Through comprehensive functionality Open Kitchen is helping customers improve safety, reduce food waste, and enhance food quality.


The platform is also empowering restaurants and other food service businesses to reduce energy usage and costs, extend the life of their equipment, and increase overall efficiency, among other benefits.


“We are thrilled that Food & Beverage Technology Review is calling attention to the safety innovations that will help our customers accelerate their momentum after an extremely difficult year,” said Powerhouse Dynamics President Martin Flusberg. “We know that the fully connected kitchen will position them to achieve new and profitable growth.”


For more information about Open Kitchen, whose architecture is Level 1 PCI certified (the highest level of data security), please visit powerhousedynamics.com/open-kitchen-overview.


About Powerhouse Dynamics

Founded in 2009 and acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2019, Powerhouse Dynamics is the leading provider of “internet of things” (IoT)-based solutions to connect, analyze and control equipment to deliver enterprise-wide operational efficiencies. Open Kitchen, focused on Food Service and Food Retail, provides operational transparency, enhances kitchen operations, improves equipment performance, enhances food safety and quality, lowers maintenance costs, and can significantly reduce energy expenses. To learn more, visit powerhousedynamics.com.