Powerhouse Dynamics Grows and Expands the SiteSage Platform

Boston, Massachusetts, July 30, 2015

Powerhouse Dynamics, creator of the award-winning SiteSage® energy and asset management system for portfolios of small commercial facilities, reports that it has experienced sharp growth over the past year while seeing some significant changes in the market that it serves. Due to market demand, it has also broadened the capabilities of its flagship system.

“Powerhouse Dynamics has had strong sales growth over the past year, with revenue almost tripling from the first half of 2014 to the first half of 2015,” says Powerhouse Dynamics CEO, Martin Flusberg. “The market we serve appears to be maturing; instead of needing to educate customers about why an energy and asset management system makes sense, we’re now seeing the market actively seek out solutions like ours. We are delighted that potential customers are increasingly reaching out to us directly.”

SiteSage is used by thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, and other multi-site operators of small commercial facilities across North and Central America. The system combines HVAC and other equipment controls with granular monitoring and patented analytics, along with a highly intuitive web interface and mobile apps, to deliver energy and equipment maintenance cost savings. SiteSage makes it simple to benchmark facilities and equipment across the enterprise, allowing multi-location companies to identify best practices and optimize maintenance and capital replacement planning.

Over the past several months, the company has enhanced the SiteSage architecture while expanding its functionality and flexibility through the introduction of new modules, available on both a stand-alone and add-on basis. Recently added modules address areas such as equipment asset management, utility bill analysis, and food safety. In addition, an expanded “Internet of Things” capability integrates tightly with key equipment to add value through advanced data capture and diagnostics. Reports Flusberg: “With our new architecture and functionality, we can offer our customers more options, including, for the first time, software-only configurations. As a result, we are also able to serve a wider range of customers. Moreover, we have broadened our partner program and added system capabilities through new relationships with equipment manufacturers who are now leveraging our platform.”

In addition to seeing a sharp uptick in customer installations over the past year, Powerhouse Dynamics has received several awards, including the Environmental Leadership Business of the Year Award from Green Newton, a leading sustainability organization in Newton, MA, where the company is headquartered. SiteSage is also a finalist for the Innovative Technology of the Year Award – Internet of Things, sponsored by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. This is a prestigious and hotly contested awards program, where finalists were judged by panels of executives, investors, analysts, media, and thought leaders and selected from hundreds of nominations.

About Powerhouse Dynamics

Powerhouse Dynamics uses cloud-based controls and analytics to deliver enterprise-wide operational and energy efficiency solutions to portfolios of small commercial facilities, including restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, and others. The Powerhouse DynamicsSiteSage® platform reduces energy, maintenance, and repair expenses by centralizing control, analysis, and management of energy-consuming equipment.

Engineered specifically for smaller facilities, SiteSage features powerful functionality delivered via simple online and mobile interfaces. The system continuously enhances efficiencies by controlling major loads, monitoring power consumption, providing insight into the performance of individual pieces of equipment, and tracking gas and water usage. Patented analytics deliver actionable intelligence via diagnostics and alerts, and SiteSage’s enterprise-wide benchmarking capabilities identify underperforming facilities and assets. To learn more about how Powerhouse Dynamics’ customers maximize energy and equipment maintenance savings with minimal staff effort, visit powerhousedynamics.com, or Twitter,LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook.