Peace of Mind for Restaurants and Retailers: Powerhouse Dynamics Renews PCI Level One Certification

BOSTON, Oct. 26, 2021 — Powerhouse Dynamics has renewed its Payment Card Industry (PCI) – level one certification, ensuring the highest level of security for multi-site restaurants, retailers, and others using its Internet of Things (IoT)-based platforms, Open Kitchen® and SiteSage®.

These platforms enable organizations to connect, monitor and remotely control their equipment enterprise-wide, so they can do more with fewer people, better maintain the equipment, reduce energy expenses, and keep their food and environments safe.

“Our customers recognize PCI-level one certification as the gold standard for protecting their POS systems. We are extending that robust protection to all data generated by their full fleet of equipment,” said Martin Flusberg, Powerhouse Dynamics’ President.

Companies that earn this credential undergo comprehensive annual audits by third-party data security specialists.

Powerhouse Dynamics extends the level of security at all levels of its platform.  Powerhouse Dynamics’ field installable communication module, ConnectWare®,  uses the highly secure Microsoft Azure Wi-Fi radio chip, enabling customers – and the equipment manufacturers that support this evolving standard – to be assured of secure integration direct to the equipment.  The equipment can then connect to Powerhouse’s Secure Access Point (SAP) which is factory provisioned with an X.509 Client Certificate, ensuring that the SAP and subsequent Cloud connections have full two-way authentication.  All local Open Kitchen and SiteSage equipment and communications and all Cloud operations are covered under the PCI certification.

More information on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard can be found here. To learn how Powerhouse Dynamics is incorporating it, contact Martin Flusberg and his team at

About Powerhouse Dynamics
Founded in 2009 and acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2019, Powerhouse Dynamics is the leading provider of “Internet of things” (IoT)-based solutions to connect, analyze and control equipment to deliver enterprise-wide operational efficiencies. Open Kitchen, focused on Food Service and Food Retail, provides operational transparency, enhances kitchen operations, improves equipment performance, enhances food safety and quality, lowers maintenance costs, and significantly reduces energy expenses. SiteSage offers similar functionality to Retail Operators without the kitchen and food safety components.  To learn more, visit