Next Generation of Open Kitchen and SiteSage IoT Platform Expand Value to Food Service, Food Retail, and Retail Organizations

BOSTONMA, January 13, 2021 – Powerhouse Dynamics, the leading provider of enterprise IoT-based solutions for the food service, food retail, and retail industries and a subsidiary of Middleby Corporation, one of the world’s largest kitchen equipment manufacturers, today announced the release of newly enhanced versions of Open Kitchen® and SiteSage®, along with updated branding of the Open Kitchen name. These changes are also reflected on a freshly updated corporate website:


“In early 2020, we introduced Open Kitchen by Powerhouse Dynamics to enhance the user experience of the SiteSage platform and to expand its capabilities for additional equipment connectivity and food safety monitoring for our food service customers. Today, we are pleased to announce that Powerhouse Dynamics will now offer two IoT solutions for our customers, Open Kitchen for our foodservice customers and SiteSage for our retail and industrial customers. Both Open Kitchen and SiteSage further benefit from additional improvements to our user experience and greater analytics into critical areas within our customers’ operations,” said Martin Flusberg, President of Powerhouse Dynamics.


Open Kitchen and SiteSage are based on the same modular platform that connects, monitors, and controls equipment to enhance equipment performance, reduce energy costs, and help optimize facility operations. Open Kitchen, used by multi-site restaurants, convenience stores, and food retailers, expands on the capabilities of SiteSage by offering an open platform to connect all types and brands of commercial kitchen equipment to the cloud to gain remote access to critical data, enhance kitchen operations while reducing food safety risks, and enable remote menu creation and distribution. SiteSage is designed for multi-site retailers, healthcare facilities, and other commercial properties. Open Kitchen and SiteSage are operational in about 6,000 locations across North America.


The new fully configurable user interface provides users with a more intuitive and personalized experience, faster access to actionable intelligence, significantly expanded analytics and diagnostics, more extensive exception reporting, and a responsive design for better viewing on tablets and other mobile devices. Already PCI Level 1-certified and secure, Open Kitchen and SiteSage now offer even more security, including expanded use of encryption and full support for international security standards.


“With customers at the forefront of the planning, we have made extensive enhancements to the user interface to provide them with an easier, more modern, and personalized way to use the platforms,” said Jason Roeder, Sr. Director of Product for Powerhouse Dynamics. “We have also listened to the customer by integrating the platform with more than a dozen additional equipment brands over the past year.”


To support the new interface release and rebranding, the company has also updated its website to make it easier for visitors to access information on both solutions.


To learn more about how Open Kitchen and SiteSage customers maximize energy efficiency and equipment maintenance savings, as well as enhance food safety and quality with minimal staff effort, visit


About Powerhouse Dynamics

Founded in 2009 and acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2019, Powerhouse Dynamics is the leading provider of “internet of things”-based solutions to connect, analyze, and control equipment to deliver enterprise-wide operational efficiencies to portfolios of commercial facilities, including restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, specialty retailers and others. The Open Kitchen and SiteSage platforms enhance equipment performance, provide operational transparency, and significantly reduce energy expenses.