Lowering Energy Costs, Improving Sustainability and Keeping Indoor Air Cleaner: Powerhouse Dynamics Empowers Retailers

NEWTON, Mass. and LONG BEACH, Calif.March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Retail facility managers (FMs) grappling with rising energy prices, new sustainability requirements, and COVID-19 related health and safety challenges are invited to learn how Powerhouse Dynamics can help them at the ConnexFM 2022 conference.

The Internet of Things (IoT) leader will share its latest innovations at the event, taking place April 25-27 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California at Booth 1440.

“Facing labor shortages, added financial pressures, and new sustainability demands, retailers must increase the efficiency of every site. Facility managers can make a substantial impact by turning to technologies like IoT,” said Jay Fiske, President of Powerhouse Dynamics.

Installed by the nation’s top retailers, Powerhouse Dynamics’ IoT platform, SiteSage®, is used to connect, monitor, and control equipment, such as HVAC, lighting, signs and irrigation systems, across hundreds or thousands of small-box sites. Among its solutions:

Lowering energy costs and usage: Collectively, FMs are saving millions of dollars per year using SiteSage to optimize their energy use. They are decreasing peak demand charges, discovering and remediating problems (such as stuck switches) that prevent equipment from powering down, automating tasks such as turning off lights and much more.

Improving sustainability: SiteSage improves sustainability in two main ways—helping FMs keep their equipment running in peak condition longer (less waste; smaller landfills), and lowering companies’ carbon footprint. For example, the 9,000+ retail and restaurant sites that use SiteSage are reducing their energy consumption by 180 million kilowatt-hours per year, equivalent to 75,000 fewer tons of CO2 per year.

Keeping customers and employees healthier: Powerhouse Dynamics has integrated the indoor air purification system, Bluezone by Middleby, with SiteSage. Bluezone air purification units use patented, ultraviolet (UV) air cleaning technology to kill up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

SiteSage already addresses facility health through a variety of capabilities, such as remote control of ventilation. With the Bluezone integration, facility managers can continuously monitor and control UV air cleaning, too.

For more information, contact info@powerhousedynamics.com.

About Powerhouse Dynamics
Founded in 2009 and acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2019, Powerhouse Dynamics of Newton, MA is the leading provider of “Internet of things” (IoT)-based solutions to connect, analyze and control equipment to deliver enterprise-wide operational efficiencies. To learn more, visit powerhousedynamics.com.