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Retailers spend more on energy

Small Box and specialty retailers need to maintain a significant amount of equipment, often across a wide territory, and usually with limited facilities staff resources. This makes equipment management a major challenge that affects maintenance and operating costs, and generally means that retailers spend more on energy than they need to.

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SiteSage is designed for retail needs... including data security

SiteSage is designed to meet the specific needs of small box retailers, with powerful enterprise-level asset and energy management capabilities that address HVAC, lighting and more.

Certified at the highest level of PCI compliance, SiteSage follows rigorous protocols to ensure data security at all times.

HVAC preventive maintenance

Energy savings are only the beginning

SiteSage has delivered energy savings to retailers in excess of 20%, with payback in under 18 months on energy savings alone. In addition to energy savings, SiteSage can also reduce equipment maintenance costs, increase staff productivity and ensure customer comfort.

From a mobile device or browser, SiteSage can:

Control, monitor and manage HVAC equipment centrally

Control lighting and signage

Monitor doors to ensure they are not kept open unnecessarily

Track water usage and identify irrigation system leaks

Capture, track, and analyze equipment inventories to support maintenance and replacement planning

Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life with predictive diagnostics

Customer Review

"What our customers like best about the SiteSage platform is the ease of use of the software. The ability to analyze their sites from one to the next, to benchmark the performance of their sites – they love the platform."