Other Commercial Facilities

Commercial Energy Management with SiteSage

SiteSage delivers enterprise asset and energy management capabilities to any portfolio of small to midsize commercial facilities – generally those 25,000 square feet and under. Current customers include but are not limited to the following facility types:

Telecom and Data Centers

Telecom and Data Centers

  • Remotely monitor HVAC in cell towers and head-end facilities to get advance warning of issues
  • Monitor generator status
  • Monitor lighting and security systems
  • Track energy costs of different equipment for capacity planning
  • Accurately bill data center tenants
Small Office and Municipal Buildings

Small Office and Municipal Buildings

  • Monitoring-based commissioning – maximize efficiencies/minimize drift
  • Weed out off hours usage
  • Track actual electricity usage to more equitably bill tenants and departments
  • Help tenants take control of their energy use
Health clinics

Urgent Care and Walk-in Health Clinics

  • Control, monitor and manage HVAC equipment centrally
  • Control lighting
  • Monitor refrigeration equipment to pinpoint & avoid problems and protect medication
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life with predictive diagnostics

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Branch Banks

Branch Banks

  • Control, monitor and manage HVAC equipment at branches and ATMs centrally
  • Control interior and exterior lighting
  • Manage irrigation systems and detect leaks
  • Receive real time alerts, off-hours equipment use reports, and benchmarking data
Multifamily Housing

Multi-Family Housing

  • Monitor common area equipment to identify performance issues
  • Track water usage and detect leaks
  • Bill tenants accurately for electricity
  • Provide tenants a value-added service that helps them control their use

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Customer Review

"What our customers like best about the SiteSage platform is the ease of use of the software. The ability to analyze their sites from one to the next, to benchmark the performance of their sites – they love the platform."