Convenience Stores

Thermostat Controls for C Store Energy Management

Convenience stores use 3 times as much energy

Convenience store energy usage exceeds most other retail stores because c-stores manage an extensive set of mission critical equipment. Not only does that make equipment management across a portfolio of stores a major challenge, but it also makes effective c-store energy management a great place to cut expenses, since convenience stores with attached gas stations and car washes use even more energy.

The benefits continue with food safety

Even enterprise energy management from SiteSage can deliver significant savings and a rapid payback. Over and above energy savings, though, SiteSage can also increase staff productivity, reduce equipment maintenance costs, and protect food safety and quality.

Food Safety and Restaurant Energy Management
C-store energy management controller

SiteSage is designed for multi-unit convenience stores

SiteSage is designed to meet the specific needs of the convenience store. Enterprise energy management from SiteSage provides powerful asset and energy capabilities that address HVAC, Refrigeration, Food Prep equipment, Car Wash equipment and more.

From a mobile device or browser, SiteSage can:

Control, monitor and manage HVAC equipment centrally

Monitor refrigeration equipment to pinpoint & prevent problems

Ensure food prep equipment is turned off when it can be

Car wash monitoring

Monitor car wash equipment and identify anomalies

Reduce costs

Reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life with predictive diagnostics

Single tool insight

Capture, track, and analyze equipment inventories to support maintenance and replacement planning


Monitor everything from walk-ins to roller grills to frozen yogurt machine temperatures to CO2 tank levels


Receive real-time alerts and reports to head off food safety issues and trim waste

HVAC and equipment monitoring system

Automate time consuming, error prone food safety reporting processes

Learn more about improving food safety with SiteSage Smart Kitchen.

Customer Review

"With approximately 120 company-operated convenience stores within our network, effectively monitoring electricity use and managing energy expenses is extremely important to the bottom line. SiteSage enables us to identify in detail the individual drivers of energy costs, including walk-in coolers, pumps, lights and HVAC systems.

Another benefit is SiteSage’s ability to red-flag a piece of equipment that is using more power than it has historically – an indication that a component may be on its way out. That warning enables us to take action before the system fails, which in turn prevents downtime, potentially saves additional expense and keeps our facilities operating smoothly."