The Pandemic is Over, But These Factors Are Still Important for Restaurants

The restaurant industry was hit hard during the pandemic. Operations leaders had to pivot to survive, and many are still figuring out the best ways to mitigate and prevent the spread of Covid-19. Even after the pandemic, three things that remain crucial for restaurants are air-quality monitoring and automation, air-cleaning, and disinfecting critical high-touch surfaces. The good news is that businesses have options to take greater control of their environments and offer safer, more comfortable spaces.

A connected facility makes it easier to keep employees and patrons healthy in a world changed by the pandemic; learn how when you read our whitepaper.

Air-Quality Monitoring and Automation

Automation, paired with proper ventilation and air-quality monitoring, remains the most effective way to reduce airborne virus transmission. Technology enhancements offer safer working environments, more productive employees, and more confident customers.

Here are five things your establishment can do to improve site health:

  1. Increase ventilation rates and the amount of outdoor air circulation.
  2. Perform ventilation flushing for two hours before and after any occupancies. 
  3. Use automation through connected HVAC controls and remotely controlled fans to help ensure and stimulate proper airflow.
  4. Automate thermostats, lighting, and other equipment to ensure fewer people are touching shared surfaces (during an employee shortage, automating these tasks also offers labor and cost advantages).
  5. Use a mobile app with workflow templates to ensure cleaning and inspection policy compliance.


Air cleaning is hugely beneficial in busy restaurants that want healthy patrons and employees, especially since staying six feet apart is mostly a thing of the past. Germicidal UV air-cleaning systems, like Bluezone by Middleby, have been shown to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants in indoor spaces. Bluezone eliminates more than 99 percent of viruses in the air; and does not require a filter or emit any UV light.

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

Viruses can also be transmitted through contaminated surfaces, making it equally important to disinfect countertops and other shared surfaces. Still, more than wiping things down at the end of the day is required. Proprietary technology like Vyv, which uses continuous antimicrobial LED lighting to greatly reduce unwanted microorganisms on surfaces, is a better choice.


The pandemic uncovered the importance of implementing processes and solutions that prevent the transmission of viruses like Covid-19. Many businesses were not prepared for a global pandemic, which makes it even more important to assess current operations and prepare for future problems.

Ask a member of our team how a connected facility can help you navigate site health in a post-pandemic world.

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