Spotlight: Confusion at the QSR Drive-Thru

It seems simple enough: when your sign is lit, you’re open for business.

However, everyone in the restaurant business knows that the few minutes before open and the few minutes after close can be extremely hectic for operators, and sometimes flipping light switches gets forgotten in the shuffle. One of our customers felt they were missing breakfast sales because their sign and menu board weren’t consistently turned on manually by staff at 6am, and at the end of the day, they were annoying folks who saw signs on past midnight and queued up in the drive-thru, only to be told that the restaurant had in fact closed already.

SiteSage controls restaurant lighting
SiteSage Controller interface programmed for lights to come on and off at exact times

We installed our SiteSage Controller to remotely manage these critical lighting circuits and make sure they went on and off at exactly the right times. In addition, the customer added their Pole Lights to the Controller to have those lights automatically come on for safety and security when team members arrived early for prep and stayed late to clean-up. 

Happy customers, happy staff, happy owners.


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