Spotlight: Cold Beer in Convenience Stores

Over the next few months, we’ll be publishing what we call Spotlights: mini case studies showing how a customer used SiteSage to their best advantage, whether to save money, gain control over their equipment, reinforce desired staff behaviors, or achieve granular insight into their operations. We hope that some of these Spotlights offer a new perspective on solving challenges that you face daily. So, on to the stories…


Spotlight: Cold Beer in Convenience Stores

Everybody likes their beer cold when they pick it up, and one of our convenience store customers relies on SiteSage to monitor both the refrigeration temperature and energy usage for this critical asset. This SiteSage alert notified the facilities manager of high temperature in one of their Beer Caves.

SiteSage detects refrigeration failure in real timeThe facilities manager was able to call the store and run store personnel through a quick, basic troubleshooting without ever rolling a truck or risking product sitting in a warm box. In this case, the evaporator fan had tripped off and once reset, the unit recovered temperature quickly. Just to be sure that everything was OK, the facilities manager was able to keep an eye on the unit via his SiteSage app for the next 24 hours and didn’t notice any further issues.


Interested in learning more about managing assets, operations, and energy at convenience stores? 


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