Spotlight: C-Store Walk-In Freezer Temperature Monitoring

What kind of value can you attribute to visibility into cooler temperature monitoring? Here’s a spotlight case study that shows how a simple alert can save time and valuable resources:

One of our convenience store customers recently started monitoring temperatures in their walk-in cooler and freezers, with real time alerts. They received a SiteSage alert that the temperature in their walk in freezer had exceeded the pre-set temperature threshold, and the facility manager called the store manager to investigate.

C-store freezer turned off by employee

After a few minutes of basic troubleshooting, it was determined that the breaker had been shut off due to an employee performing inventory earlier in the day, and had never been turned back on. Before SiteSage, the customer would have likely received a call only when the freezer felt warm, which would have put product safety at risk. The c-store would have had to dispatch a service tech from corporate to investigate the issue, and the store was located over 40 miles away.

This one temperature alert saved at least 2-3 hours of service tech time with a simple fix that saved our customer a few hundred dollars of internal cost. Multiply that one alert across tens or hundreds of locations, and across hundreds or thousands of pieces of crucial equipment, and it becomes quite clear how those savings add up. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes from full remote visibility into every piece of equipment 24/7/365.

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