SiteSage Rebates now available from the NYSERDA RTEM

NYSERDA Rebates RTEMPowerhouse Dynamics was recently approved as both a Systems and Services provider in NYSERDA’s RTEM (Real-time Energy Management) market. You may be asking what RTEM is and why you should care: if so, read on.

RTEM is NYSERDA’s new rebate program that covers all of New York State, minus Long Island (which is covered separately by LIPA). Funded with up to $50 Million over the next five years, the goal of the program is to gather energy usage data at the equipment level in order to provide information and best practices to participants.

To receive the data, NYSERDA is willing to pay customers to have an asset and energy management system installed. That’s where SiteSage comes in! You can now receive these rebates automatically when you purchase SiteSage for a commercial facility in New York. Rebate payments come in two tranches:

  1. Installation
  2. Software and Services

The table below displays how payments will be made. Please note, there is a larger percentage rebate available for projects completed before June 30, 2018.

NYSERDA RTEP rebates SiteSage

Eligible sites may include, but are not limited to office buildings, retail, colleges and universities, health care facilities, state and local government buildings, not-for-profit and private institutions, and public and private K-12 schools. Facilities must be located in New York state and must be New York state electricity distribution customers of a participating utility company that pays the System Benefits Charge (SBC). If you have a total of over 50,000 square feet of facilities in your New York State portfolio and are interested in benefiting from these rebates, contact us now.

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