Simple Holiday Scheduling

As a Customer Success Manager for PhD, I’m always trying to find ways to help my customers get more out of the system and find more ways to control, automate and analyze as much equipment and energy usage as possible. I recently shared a very simple process with one of our clients who informed me that this was a game changer for them. The client didn’t know that temporary / holiday thermostat and lighting schedules could be created and managed at the store level within SiteSage.


With Thanksgiving next week and all the holidays just around the corner, you can ensure that lighting won’t remain on and thermostats will be turned down after close. With the frenetic activity that typically accompanies the holiday season for retailers and food service operators, this is one less thing you need to worry about.


I recorded a quick tutorial on how to use the holiday scheduling functionality in SiteSage so I could share this easy tip with all our customers. And also share with those thinking about investing in an equipment and energy management system for a multi-site operation like a small box retailer, convenience store or restaurant. Spend less than six minutes watching this video about Simple Holiday Scheduling to make a big impact on the efficiency of your operations.



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