Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) Throws a Bash

RFMAWe’re just back from a fantastic RFMA 2015 Conference — this year held in beautiful San Diego. Hats off to the RFMA team for once again putting together a fun and productive event. I must admit to feeling somewhat guilty for leaving my family, friends and colleagues and narrowly escaping yet another winter storm in New England. The sun, balmy temperatures, and palm trees of San Diego were a welcome respite to a snow-clogged Boston. Tom_Brady_Powerhouse_Dynamics_RFMA.jpg
On Sunday night, the party kicked-off in true fashion with the Super Bowl extravaganza at Jolt’n Joe’s. The crazy-exciting game only served to electrify what is always a lively opening event for RFMA, and as a Boston-based company, we certainly had an extra spring in our step the next day. During the open hours in the Exhibition Hall, we continued to see growth in the interest for new technologies to help reduce energy consumption. Every year, the number of companies approaching us with interest in trying our technology is increasing. If we did not get a chance to speak at length during the show, please feel free to contact me directly.
One of the most interesting statistics I heard during the show came from a panel discussion on HVAC system performance and was related to the costs associated with poor air balance in restaurants. According to panelists Donald Langston of Air Rite and John Lolmaugh of Jack in the Box, every CFM of air imbalance costs a restaurant $1 per year, so a 3,000 CFM air imbalance imposes an extra $3,000 cost per year on a location. The extra cost is caused by excessive HVAC run time required to condition air pulled in to the facility due to a negative air balance or to condition air pushed out of the facility due to a positive air imbalance. While I think most people intuitively understand the importance of maintaining a proper air balance, it’s empowering to have this value quantified, as it helps to make smarter decisions on HVAC maintenance. RFMA_Cruise.jpg
The conference also closed with a fun and unique event — a cruise around San Diego harbor aboard the Hornblower.  During the cruise, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with the RFMA team — Executive Director Tracy Tomson (who knew she is a Massachusetts native?), Marketing & Communications guru Heather Webb and Education Director extraordinaire Debi Kensell. Thanks again to the RFMA crew for a great event. We’re looking forward to 2016 in Nashville!

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