Powerhouse Dynamics is a NewCo HostCo. What’s that?

NewCo Boston 2016 HostCoOn Wednesday, April 27, Powerhouse Dynamics will open our offices to a group of technophiles, entrepreneurs, dreamers, students, investors, and curious onlookers, showing them what we do and how we do it (and feeding them lunch). We’ve been selected as one of nearly 80 host companies for NewCo, a day-long festival of technology with a purpose in Boston. NewCo registrants will tour companies as diverse as HubSpot, Rue la la, Akamai, AthenaHealth, IBM… and us. We’re in pretty good company, as you can see. So other than basking in the reflected glory of some of these successful companies, why did we sign up for this? 

It all comes down to the NewCo mission, and what the festival celebrates. NewCo says it best themselves:

NewCo celebrates “business on a mission” through festivals, media and services. Our mission is to identify, celebrate, and connect the engines of positive change in our society. 

Well, we can get behind that. After all, while our primary goal is helping our customers save money and time, most of us have chosen to do what we do because we want to effect positive change. And it doesn’t escape our attention that the NewCo festival comes on the heels of Earth Day, which gets at a key motivation for many of us here at Powerhouse Dynamics. So we’re thrilled to open our doors, to be transparent about what we do, to inspire some other folks to attack tough challenges with technology, and to meet and greet our neighbors. You never know who you’ll meet at #NewCoBOS!

There’s still time to register for the NewCo festival.

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