Managing Through Challenging Times

It’s safe to say we now find ourselves in a new reality with the outbreak of this global pandemic known as COVID-19. I trust all of our friends and colleagues in the industry are taking every measure to ensure the safety of themselves, their teams and their customers. I’m encouraged by what I see as people coming together to help each other out.

As a company that sells technology to food service providers and retailers, we know our customers rely on lots of people going to their facilities to spend their money on some great food, or some great products. Today, we’re seeing many of our customers curtail hours or move to take-out or drive-through service only to accommodate new social-distancing policies aimed at slowing the spread of the pandemic.

While this is absolutely the right thing to do to help each other out, we also know that these changes are going to hurt. We’ve been discussing internally here — how can we help?

One idea is to help our customers control costs – in particular, use SiteSage to immediately trim energy spend.

• Temporarily modify thermostat schedules to reflect reduced hours of operation
• Temporarily modify lighting schedules to reflect reduced hours of operation
• If either of the above are already linked to hours of operation, then modify the hours of operation

If you are unsure of how to do this using our enterprise tools, watch a brief a training video that shows you how. And if you still would like assistance to put these changes in place, give us a call or send us an email. We’ve got your back.

Stay safe, everyone. We will get through this together.

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