Knock Down your Energy Bill with IoT


As colder weather creeps in, businesses are bracing for steep hikes in energy costs this winter. The significant increase, combined with high gasoline prices, supply chain issues, spending weariness, and inflation, is creating a myriad of challenges for business owners. This has left many searching for innovative ways to cut costs and reduce bottom lines. 

How IoT Can Help

One way to knock down your energy bill is by using the Internet of Things (IoT). With the right asset and energy management solutions, food service and retail establishments can optimize and drastically reduce energy consumption through better visibility into equipment on/off usage patterns and the ability to take corrective actions.

In addition, having the ability to control lighting, signage, and other equipment remotely can lead to a substantial reduction in energy consumption. Performance improves, and energy expenses are reduced when operations leaders can monitor, schedule, and have equipment proactively serviced. This is especially helpful for businesses with many locations. 

In the blog, ‘Tis the Season to Rely on Connected Facilities, we explain how making manual system adjustments for lighting and HVAC is made easier with solutions like SiteSage and Open Kitchen. As a result, operations leaders have the power to map lighting, heating, and cooling systems to any changes in store hours. And they can do this through local or remote access.

While programmable thermostats are helpful, they’re simply not enough. Enterprise-level HVAC control and diagnostics provide exception reporting alerts to operations leaders when thermostats deviate from their schedules. It enables you to distribute the correct schedule to each site simultaneously and consistently. Adding HVAC monitoring with temperature sensors provides an even more effective way to control temperatures, lower energy bills, and save on repair and maintenance costs.

Lush Cosmetics Reduces Energy Costs

Lush Cosmetics, a beauty brand best known for its fresh, handmade cosmetics and commitment to ethical, environmentally-friendly business practices, decided to invest in SiteSage to reduce energy costs.

By installing SiteSage, Lush met and exceeded its goal for energy savings in the short term and ultimately reduced expenditures by $215,000 per year. The solution provides Lush with the ability to connect, analyze and control critical equipment under one single platform. SiteSage also helps Lush quickly identify and address equipment issues, reduce maintenance calls, and keep store temperatures comfortable and consistent.

Lush credits SiteSage with the following:

  • 23% energy consumption reduction
  • ROI within the first year of use
  • And much more… 

Read the full case study


The cost of everything is rising, and energy is no exception. A connected facility is crucial to reduce energy usage and stem waste. With better visibility into equipment on/off usage patterns and the ability to take corrective actions, operation leaders can breathe a little easier.

Learn more about how your organization can reduce energy usage using IoT when you start a conversation with a team member.

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