InformationWeek covers “Real-time Analytics: 10 Ways to Get it Right”


SiteSage was featured recently in a piece on the best ways to use real-time analytics in InformationWeek. Our customer Ken Syvarth at Restaurant Management Co., one of the largest U.S. Pizza Hut franchises, described one of the ways he finds SiteSage to be valuable:

“If it’s really hot outside, a restaurant manager may crank up the air conditioning to 65 degrees and let it run all day, and at night [she may] forget to turn the air conditioner down, so it’s cranking all night long,” said Syvarth. Eliminating such energy wasting behavior by providing alerts to managers is “where we see a real savings,” he added.

For examples of how other businesses are taking advantage of real-time data analytics, read the full article on the InformationWeek website.


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