How to Supercharge Your EMS System and Slash Peak Demand Charges

In today’s competitive business landscape, managing energy costs is a top priority for commercial enterprises. Businesses not only pay for the electricity they consume but also face steep charges based on peak demand during specific time intervals. These demand charges can account for 30 to 70% of the total charges on a monthly electric bill. However, there’s a smart solution to tame these soaring costs—DemandSmart.

The Cost-Saving Superhero

DemandSmart significantly reduces your electric bills and effortlessly manages peak demand charges. Its game-changing capabilities optimize electric load 24/7/365 and is available with Open Kitchen and SiteSage. Let’s delve into how this intelligent AI-powered technology works and the incredible benefits it brings to commercial businesses.

Harnessing AI for Peak Demand Management

DemandSmart utilizes its patented AI technology, acting as the extended brains behind your Energy Management System (EMS). This intelligence balances electricity demands by analyzing many data points, including equipment usage, electric utility signals, market prices, and operational conditions like building envelope, weather, E.V. fleet schedules, and human preferences.

AI analyzes this data to distribute electric load strategically, ensuring maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The result is a remarkable reduction in electric bills by 10% or more annually, enhancing the savings the standard Open Kitchen and SiteSage energy management solutions are already delivering. In addition, businesses that adopt DemandSmart can further sustainability efforts by cutting down on their carbon footprint and meeting Scope 2 emissions targets.

Benefits of Curbing Demand

Additional Savings

DemandSmart is an easy value-add that curbs peak demand costs and bolsters sustainability initiatives. Say goodbye to excessive peak demand charges and hello to substantial savings.

Low-to-No Human Involvement

Once installed, DemandSmart requires minimal human intervention. It works seamlessly in the background, intelligently managing your energy consumption. At the same time, your employees and customers maintain the levels of comfort they’ve come to expect.

Real-Time Price Management

With real-time price management and time-of-use pricing, DemandSmart optimizes electricity consumption during the most cost-effective periods.

A Powerful Duo: DemandSmart and Your EMS System

DemandSmart adds potency to your existing Open Kitchen and SiteSage EMS implementation. These systems work in synergy, allowing you to turbocharge your energy management efforts. Let’s take a closer look at how they complement each other.

SiteSage and Open Kitchen: Uniting for Greater Efficiency

SiteSage and Open Kitchen provide critical energy management solutions, and when coupled with DemandSmart, the results are impressive.

Peak Demand and Load Management

DemandSmart significantly reduces peak demand charges, ensuring you achieve a 10-25% reduction in peak demand and 3-10% less energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Automatic Demand Response

By participating in Demand Response programs, you can earn financial incentives for reducing or shifting electricity usage during peak demand periods. DemandSmart optimizes energy loads during DR events, allowing you to meet curtailment objectives without compromising comfort or incurring new coincidental peaks.

Weathering Extreme Weather Events

Extreme weather events can drive up demand across the entire grid, leading to higher costs. With DemandSmart’s AI technology and its focus on controlling peak demand, you can better predict and manage these events. Doing so ensures your business remains comfortable while minimizing peak demand charges.


The new DemandSmart option for Open Kitchen and SiteSage is a game-changer for any business grappling with high peak demand charges. Using AI-driven technology, it optimizes your electric load 24/7/365, enhancing savings by 10% or more on electricity bills. It also accelerates sustainability efforts by reducing your carbon footprint.

Ready to take control of your peak demand charges and unlock the true potential of your EMS system? Reach out to one of our experts to learn more about DemandSmart and how it can elevate your energy management game. 

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