How to Get a Utility Rebate for an Energy Management System

Energy SavingsYou want to install a system that improves the operational efficiency of your facility, reduces your energy consumption and provides operational visibility but don’t think you can clear the payback hurdles set by your finance department? Here’s help! You can clear those hurdles with utility rebates, programs that help reduce your upfront investment.

Utility rebate programs come in two varieties, prescriptive and custom. Below is a description of each of the programs.

Prescriptive Utility Rebate Programs:

Prescriptive programs offer rebates for specific actions taken by a facility. The utility provides guidelines to follow and specifies what the payment will be. For example, a utility in Pennsylvania is offering $10 per refrigeration case door when you retrofit an existing T12 light with an approved LED.

There are a number of requirements for each prescriptive rebate but as long as you meet the requirements and properly complete the application, you will be eligible to receive the full rebate amount.

Custom Utility Rebate Programs:

Custom programs are based on the actual amount of energy reduced. If you would like to install an energy management system (EMS) and include some kind of controls (lighting, HVAC, etc.) or monitoring, the rebate will most likely be a custom rebate. For example, a utility in Georgia pays $.08 per kWh saved in its custom program.

Maximize savingsUnlike prescriptive rebates, custom rebates require additional work. Most utilities require you to build a savings model. You will need to gather the make, model, serial number and age of all assets impacted by the EMS. In addition, you will have to complete a lengthy application and work with the utility on measurement and verification of the results.

Each of the utility rebate programs plays a role in helping you attain your asset and energy management goals. Here at Powerhouse Dynamics, we work with our customers to ensure they receive the maximum number of rebate dollars for the installation of an asset and energy management system. Over the past year, we have helped our customers secure over $350,000 in rebates to defray the cost of installing SiteSage.

If you have been on the fence about whether you can fit an energy and asset management system into your budget, let us work with you to see where you can take advantage of utility rebates to help get your project approved.

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