Harnessing Actionable Data for Peak Performance in Connected Facilities

In fast-paced food service and retail spaces where every second counts, harnessing actionable data helps meet operational goals and maximize profits. The data gathered from an Energy Management System (EMS) makes improving processes, making more intelligent decisions, and curbing costs easier. Let’s explore how the data collected from a connected facility can reshape an organization’s strategy.

Proactive Equipment Maintenance and Longevity

Top-tier EMS solutions harness the power of IoT to integrate equipment from different manufacturers, enabling seamless communication between machinery. Solutions like Open Kitchen and SiteSage take this further by unlocking data that often goes unnoticed.

Using real-time data alerts, operations leaders and employees can preempt potential issues. This is a huge benefit, especially since Forbes estimates that 82% of companies experienced unexpected downtime during the past three years. 

The shift from reactive to proactive maintenance means little to no unexpected downtimes or last-minute maintenance calls. This proactive approach is more crucial than ever, especially when facility management costs are rising. Plus, run-to-fail policies often cost more in the long run.

Elevating Food Safety Standards

Data serves not only as a preventive measure but also as a protective shield. Features like temperature monitoring, instant alerts, workflow streamlining, corrective action tracking, and automated reporting all elevate the performance of a facility. A solution like Open Kitchen enhances food safety to protect patrons from illness and ensure brand trust isn’t at risk.

Efficiency in Equipment and Energy Management

Data is the currency of efficiency. Enterprise-wide visibility into HVAC, lighting systems, and other equipment ensures businesses can closely monitor and streamline energy consumption. These actions result in reduced operating costs and more comfortable customers. Features like remote equipment monitoring make it possible to have a pulse on performance from anywhere and everywhere.


Data guides a business in making better decisions. It acts as a catalyst for preventive maintenance, elevated food safety protocols, and multifaceted operational optimization. Data isn’t just a valuable resource; it’s the linchpin of maintaining a seamless, high-performing connected facility.

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