Energy Manager Today reports that ‘Intelligent Efficiency’ Could Save Commercial, Manufacturing Sectors $50 Billion Annually


A post in Energy Manager Today caught our collective eye by starting:

The commercial and manufacturing sectors could save $50 billion a year in energy fees if they adopt a systematic approach to saving energy that marries traditional energy efficiency with wireless and cloud-based computer technologies, according to research from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

Holy cow! Who knew? Well, frankly, we knew. We use wireless communications and cloud-based controls, data storage, analysis and reporting to deliver energy and asset management savings. And some of our smartest customers link manager bonuses to store profit, which means that managers have a very personal motivation for saving energy, since cost elimination results in immediate profit.

Energy Manager Today also notes that:

Intelligent efficiency also fixes system failures that often otherwise go undetected.

Yup, we agree with that, too. We often find easily corrected issues that are sucking huge amounts of profit out of a business, like the always-on compressor in a walk-in, the never-replaced filter in a rooftop air conditioner, and the out-of-whack thermostat. Then, over time, operational issues emerge, such as the night manager who always forgets to turn off the parking lot lights, or the morning staff who routinely turn on the high-speed toaster 3 hours before open. Ahh, so many opportunities for saving in so little time!

Read the original post here. And learn more about SiteSage for commercial buildings here.

And, if any of the above issues might (ahem) exist in your enterprise, and your facilities are under 25,000 SF, drop us a line – we’d love to chat.

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