Energy Efficiency in Restaurants – Water

Tip 5: Water

Water is a huge issue for most restaurants.

Hot water heating can be a major energy cost – even without supplemental heating systems. And, in some locations, the cost of water itself can be extremely steep.

dishwasher.jpgIf you have an older hot water heater (built earlier than 2000), an inexpensive insulating blanket, readily available on-line, can reduce heat loss and therefore energy costs. Keeping the temperature setting on the water heater in the 120-130 degree range provides hot enough water at lower costs than higher settings.

Low-flow pre-rinse spray valves (1.6 gallons per minute or less – and required on all spray valves since 2005) are an inexpensive way to cut down on hot water usage.

Always use the auto mode on conveyor-style dishwashers, since in that way the conveyor motor only runs when needed. And, pay attention to the pressure gauge on your dishwasher; readings over 25 psi suggests you are likely using more water than you need to.

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