1+1=3: Ecova + Powerhouse Dynamics = A Partnership Poised for Success

PowerhouseDynamicsEcovaLove_1.jpgCross-posted from the Ecova Insider blog.
Too many companies negotiate partnerships without ever establishing the basis for working together, or fully aligning their mutual interests with the structure of the relationship. More often than not these relationships fail. Partnerships that are most likely to be successful and to yield positive results for both partners occur when each brings something to the table that complements what the other is offering. Not only does this provide a foundation for success, but it can also lead to a situation where the outcome goes beyond that which would result if each company delivered its solution independently. In other words, with these relationships: 1+1=3.
We believe that the Ecova-Powerhouse Dynamics partnership is based on this underlying premise, and it has already demonstrated all of the trademarks of a successful relationship. (Read the press release announcing the expanded partnership here) First, the foundation. Powerhouse Dynamics offers a world class technology platform for delivering equipment-level control and visibility, enterprise-wide energy savings, and equipment maintenance savings to operators of commercial facilities under 10,000 sq. ft. Leveraging patented algorithms, broad functionality, and a unique user experience, SiteSage™ has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver a rapid payback, sometimes measuring less than 1 year. Ecova offers a broad range of energy and facility-related services to the same type of small facilities, along with many large ones – over 700,000 in all. Not only does offering SiteSage allow Ecova to deliver additional value to a major segment of its customers, but by providing resource monitoring and call center services, Ecova is able to extract the maximum value from the SiteSage platform. Moreover, the relationship between the parties has continued to grow, strengthen, and evolve over the past 18 months. Powerhouse Dynamics provides Ecova with active and ongoing training in support of SiteSage sales, deployment and customer service. Teams comprised of both Powerhouse Dynamics and Ecova personnel oversee early installations for new customers to ensure that the installations go smoothly. The companies coordinate sales strategy to maximize sales and minimize channel conflict. For our largest joint customers, both parties participate in planning and strategy sessions with the customers themselves; in this way, we are able to jointly address issues and together develop and deliver on strategies to continue to delight the customer and generate additional value and benefit. We at Powerhouse Dynamics are excited by our expanded partnership with Ecova. We believe we have created the underpinnings for a relationship that will continue to deliver meaningful results to both parties and – equally if not more important – to our customers.

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