Don’t Sweat Cooling Season With the Help of Connected Equipment

Cooling season is coming, and for facility managers everywhere, equipment maintenance is top of mind. During the shift from heating to cooling, HVAC units require maintenance to ensure all systems are running optimally. But while seasonal maintenance is always a good idea, it doesn’t always prevent equipment from experiencing catastrophic failure or unwanted downtime. That’s where connected equipment can help.

Connected equipment has the power to transform equipment and energy management. In a previous blog, Increase ROI: 5 steps to just-in-time equipment replacement, we discussed how run-to-failure strategies cost more over time. This is why it’s risky to depend on seasonal maintenance alone. Lingering cooling problems that lead to customer complaints and discomfort or busy schedules that tie up available technicians for days (or even weeks) before they can make a visit are just some of the situations that cause unnecessary stress. In addition, there is added pressure to maintain the best air quality possible (even during post-pandemic phase times) when doors are closed in order to keep spaces cool. Connected equipment solutions eliminate these issues in a few different ways.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Connected equipment eliminates the stress and unwanted surprises that often pop up during seasonal equipment maintenance. With proactive monitoring and maintenance, you save time and money, plus keep employees and customers comfortable. Connected equipment constantly monitors HVAC units’ energy usage and temperatures to help maintenance technicians make preventative repairs while onsite for seasonal checkups.

It also leverages proactive text and email messages to your staff when there are equipment issues so that you’re alerted to problems before they become catastrophic failures. These insights eliminate the need for costly repeat visits and prevent units from malfunctioning at inopportune times to ensure there are no unwanted surprises. In addition, connected equipment can include not only control of HVAC systems, but control over lighting and other equipment, which leads to lower energy expenses, maintenance costs, and overall equipment downtime.

Fix Lists

Solutions like Open Kitchen and SiteSage also offer an HVAC ‘fix list,’ which prioritizes the most urgent issues that contribute to comfort problems for customers. Red alerts highlight the issues that need to be addressed now, while yellow alerts provide long-term visibility into issues that may not require immediate attention. As a result, facilities operators can spot problems before they cause failure and, in turn, have the power to choose the most convenient time to fix those lower-priority issues before they turn into complaints.

Air and Surface Purification Solutions

Air purification is extremely important in stopping the spread of Covid-19 and many other viruses. While face masks and social distancing are helpful, air purification systems are a better solution for preventing the spread. For example, Bluezone kills more than 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants in indoor spaces by utilizing ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology to purify the air. An additional benefit is that Bluezone can be integrated and controlled with Open Kitchen or SiteSage.

Interested in how connected equipment can help alleviate the stress associated with unexpected failure during cooling season? Email one of our experts to start the conversation.

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