Connectivity: The Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving

 The holidays are here, which means business owners are busier than Santa’s elves trying to keep operations running smoothly. With hours changing daily and foot traffic picking up, staying on top of lighting and HVAC schedules can be a headache. But here’s a secret to help save the season—a connected facility.

Connected facilities take the hassle out of managing multiple locations. You can easily automate scheduling, reduce energy waste, and keep your customers comfortable. Here are a few reasons connected facilities make the holiday season more efficient.

Automate Scheduling

Trying to manually update lighting and thermostat schedules across multiple stores and restaurants during the holidays is challenging. Hours change constantly, making it a chore to ensure lights are on and spaces are comfortable when needed. But with solutions like SiteSage and Open Kitchen, you can automate scheduling based on operational needs. 

Gone are the days of toggling every thermostat and flipping every light switch when hours change. Now, you can update schedules for multiple locations from one centralized dashboard, even remotely. Employees can focus on spreading cheer rather than fiddling with equipment.

Optimize Energy Use

No one wants to end up on the naughty list for wasting energy, especially with rising costs. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget to turn things off or set back the thermostat after closing during irregular hours. A connected facility helps optimize energy use by powering equipment on and off based on schedules. 

Lights automatically turn off at closing, and you can easily set back HVAC temperatures at night to save energy. This keeps your utility bills in check, even during the busiest time of year.

Light the Way

Outdoor lighting is crucial for attracting customers to your location during extended holiday hours. But forgetting to update lighting schedules can leave your business looking dark, uninviting, or even closed. Connected facilities allow you to control outdoor lighting remotely so signage and parking areas illuminate when needed.


Managing your facilities during the holidays often comes with questions, unexpected surprises, and challenges. But with a connected facility, you have insight and control even when you can’t be onsite. Get notifications if equipment is malfunctioning so you can promptly address issues. Check thermostat settings and lighting schedules remotely to handle problems before customers are impacted.

This busy time of year doesn’t have to feel more stressful. A connected facility can help streamline scheduling, reduce wasted energy, and keep customers comfortable.

For business owners, there’s no better gift than efficiency and cost savings. So, let’s connect to explore how we can help.

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