Business as Usual?

I think we can all agree, these are uncharted waters for everyone. It’s time to put our risk mitigation plans in place and think hard about the decisions we must make. And we are trying to do all this while ensuring our families and our teams remain safe. Coronavirus has changed the face of business as we know it, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep doing what we know.

Business as “usual,” or trying to keep as close to usual as we possibly can, is going to help our economy weather this storm and help us maintain some sense of control during these uncertain times. So, if there is one decision to make, it is to attempt to keep doing business as usual, despite the obvious challenges.

Business as usual for us means continuing to develop, support and sell our technology that helps our customers control costs and manage a large amount of mission-critical equipment dispersed across many locations.  Our recent release, Open Kitchen by Site Sage, is an example of our continued focus, and is now available in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to meet a much-needed gap in the market. Open Kitchen is revolutionizing productivity in today’s digitized commercial kitchen through three unique differentiators:

  1. It’s open and flexible: Operators can monitor and benchmark hardware across locations and equipment via a single portal. Connect with multiple brands and different equipment types.
  2. It’s a complete food safety solution: Automated HACCP reporting leverages data from sensors, equipment connections and mobile capture.
  3. It’s part of the SiteSage Solution: Integrate facility-wide equipment and energy management with connected equipment and food safety monitoring to revolutionize productivity in today’s digitized commercial kitchen.

We’ve put together this brief video to highlight some of the best features of Open Kitchen and why food service operators can benefit from what it offers. We know times are uncertain today, but business as usual means we keep working to set our customers up for success tomorrow. And tomorrow’s smart commercial kitchen starts with Open Kitchen.

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