Arby’s reduces energy use 7.6%, credits Powerhouse Dynamics’ SiteSage

Arby'sArby’s Restaurant Group (ARG) announced last week that the company managed to knock back its energy use intensity (a measure of the energy use per square foot on average across the entire company) a whopping 7.6% in 2013. As one of two companies partnering with Arby’s to achieve this reduction (the other being our Partners at Ecova), Powerhouse Dynamics is thrilled with the success that they’ve been able to achieve. Arby’s commitment to energy efficiency has been impressive: after a competitive process to select an asset and energy management system, they rolled out SiteSage across all 860+ U.S. corporate-owned locations in just over 3 months last year. Their commitment comes straight from the top:

“ARG is committed to the reduction of energy usage within our restaurants,” COO/President George Condos said in the release. “As a brand, we strive to continuously improve our performance and work towards energy-efficient best practices where cost-effective. Managing energy as a controllable expense gives Arby’s a competitive advantage, improves the bottom line and helps us to be responsible corporate citizens. In short, efficiency matters.”

Arby’s is targeting a 15% reduction by 2015, a goal which we look forward to helping them achieve. How do we do it? Click below to find out.

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