Arby’s and Inspire Brands Lead the Way Toward the Smart Connected Enterprise

At a recent industry event, held just before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Powerhouse Dynamics’ customer Inspire Brands, which owns Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic, Rusty Taco and Jimmy John’s, gave a presentation on its innovative and industry-leading use of “internet of things”-based technology to save time, money and labor along with a slew of other benefits.  


Peter Cryan, Senior Director of Equipment Innovation and R&D for Inspire, led the informative session and provided a never-before-seen look at how one global foodservice organization optimized its kitchen operations and facility performance to save the company $40 million in energy expenses and more than $43 million in labor costs. The central component of Arby’s solution, and now Buffalo Wild Wings as well, is our SiteSage equipment and energy management system. We have partnered with Arby’s since 2012 to reduce energy use and increase efficiency at its more than 1,100 corporate-owned locations.


Peter does a great job of framing the need, highlighting the challenges and detailing a solution that can be modeled by most other multilocation foodservice operators in the video below. Even for retailers and other categories like banking or urgent care, the energy savings still apply.


We are honored to partner with Peter, Alex Wolfe and the entire Inspire team to push the boundaries of technology and shape the future of the commercial kitchen with a universal platform capable of connecting all the equipment in your kitchen regardless of function or brand.


Learn how Peter and his team disrupted operations with energy management, connected kitchen equipment and automated food safety processes at Arby’s to revolutionize its commercial enterprise.


Have a few minutes? Watch the extended story (12:05 minutes).
Really dive into the challenges and drivers and gain more insights into how to get started.


Just want the low down? Watch the short cut (5:32 minutes).
A clear results/solution/implementation snapshot.

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