5 Ways SiteSage Can Help You Meet Your 2020 Operating Goals

For most multisite operators, whether you own quick-serve restaurants, convenience stores or retail stores, a big part of 2020 planning will be centered around your operating goals. Operating goals are the driving forces of an organization’s long-term success and strategy. Whether your focus is on generating top-line revenue or bottom-line savings, SiteSage equipment and energy management solutions can help propel these goals forward. Here are five ways SiteSage can help you meet your operating goals next year.


1. Enhance the Customer Experience
Most of your customers visit your store or restaurant with the expectation of a purchase, whether of an item to take home or food to eat on the premises. The key is to create a positive experience for your customers each and every time to maximize the revenue opportunity. SiteSage thermostat control enables you to create consistent, comfortable conditions for your customers, hopefully enticing them to stay longer and buy more, order that second dessert or stay for another cup of coffee. SiteSage also enhances the customer experience by controlling all lighting and signage. Parking lot lighting will turn on when it should, providing a safe environment inside and outside of your store. Employees won’t be able to shut off open signs and close down operations early. Everything you do that improves the customer experience will contribute in the long-term to your profitability.


2. Optimize Recipe Distribution and LTOs
For food service operators, another benefit to top-line revenue of SiteSage is remote recipe distribution and management of limited time offers (LTOs). Many organizations manage equipment menu updates manually, either mailing costly USB drives to each location for uploading, or actually getting in the car and driving to each site to do the install personally. With Open Kitchen, the smart connected kitchen module of SiteSage, you can upload a new recipe remotely and push it to every piece of equipment you have connected. You can get special offers out to all your sites in a snap and start reaping the rewards sooner. Have a menu item that isn’t performing well? You can replace it quickly to make sure you are getting the most out of your specials.


3. Mitigate Repair and Maintenance Costs
SiteSage is well known for its expense-saving capabilities, and repair and maintenance costs are a large opportunity. SiteSage customers report significant reductions in reactive repair and maintenance costs as well as equipment downtime. SiteSage alerts not only let you know when something is amiss and needs attention, but also can help flag a more serious problem. All the data you have on your equipment will enable better oversight and tracking of the equipment life cycle.


4. Reduce Energy Consumption
At its core, SiteSage is an energy saver. It is designed to help you optimize your gas, electricity and water consumption through efficient and automated control as well as accurate monitoring. With SiteSage, you can identify in detail the individual drivers of energy costs, including HVAC systems, lighting, walk-in coolers, and refrigerators. You can then benchmark each facility in order to identify and target those with energy spend outside the average range. Higher energy spend could signify issues such as underperforming equipment needing repair or replacement, oversized equipment, or poor adherence to equipment schedules. By uncovering these issues before they become a crisis, you can improve the bottom line.


5. Increase Food Safety and Prevent Spoilage
For anyone who serves consumables, food safety and maintaining product quality are paramount. This not only protects your profits by ensuring the quality and lifespan of your products, but also can inherently protect your brand reputation. It only takes one account of food poisoning to change the way your brand is perceived. Through wireless temp sensors and automated food safety processes, SiteSage provides reliable food safety efficiencies. This offers both top-line and bottom-line advantages.


As you plan for 2020, be sure to consider all the tools at your disposal. SiteSage is one way you can boost profits or reduce costs through operational efficiencies. If you use a facilities management or service automation tool, SiteSage can integrate with many of these tools to improve equipment uptime. SiteSage does much more than just control and monitor your energy usage and equipment. It’s a simple yet powerful platform to help you get the results you need.

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