13 ways to painlessly improve profitability: Online resources

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Restaurant Industry Energy UseHow can energy become a profit center? Over the last 13 weeks we’ve provided a guide on how that can be done utilizing simple, low-cost/no-cost tips. If you’ve read those articles but haven’t had a chance to implement them yet, consider this: If you decrease your energy, water and sewage charges by a total of only $200 a month — a very feasible number — $2,400 of pure profit will drop to your bottom line in a year. To put that in perspective, if you operate on an 8 percent profit margin, you’d have to bring in $30,000 in revenue to net that $2,400.

We’ve covered a wide array of topics in the series from showing you how to decipher your electricity bill and conduct your own energy audit to motivating your staff to become energy/water misers and scheduling energy usage just like you do your staff. As we close the series, we’d like to leave you with a treasure trove of websites where you can find out more about the topics covered.

Please see below for a list we hope you will find helpful as you either begin or accelerate your efforts to control energy, water and asset management costs.

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