13 ways to painlessly improve profitability: Kitchen equipment

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BroilerIs it really possible just one tiny change in your kitchen could be the equivalent of increasing annual sales by $9,000? According to the International Facility Management Association, just by rolling back your broiler on-time by an hour a day, you can save $450 a year — that’s pure profit that drops right to the bottom line. For an operation with a 5 percent profit margin, it would take an increase of $9,000 in sales to yield that $450 in profit. And that’s just one piece of equipment. So what profits are lurking in your kitchen? Here are some tips to ferret them out.

  1. Keep your equipment clean. Seems simple, but in the high-pressure, food service industry, this is a job that often sinks to the bottom of the list. Unfortunately when that happens, it’s your money that goes down the drain. Daily cleaning prevents the build-up of dirt, grease and food scraps that can impede energy efficiency and shorten the life of your equipment.
  2. Maintenance — an ounce of prevention. Going hand-in-hand with cleaning, regular maintenance also optimizes performance and extends the life your equipment. Using the equipment manuals that came with your equipment, develop a maintenance schedule and repair log. Look for leaky gaskets, clogged burners, misalignment of doors and the accuracy of thermostats. At Foodservice.com, scroll to the bottom of the page and link to some templates to get you started. If you can’t locate your owner’s manuals, they can usually be downloaded from the manufacturers’ websites, even those for older equipment.

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