SiteSage for Homes

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

This is especially true of energy – the only thing you buy that you don’t know the cost of until after you’ve used it, and have no idea what you used it for.

SiteSage users have told us that they are saving energy and money. Most customers have reported saving between 10% and 30% off of their electric bills.

A revolutionary breakthrough in home energy management

sitesage_reflection.jpgSiteSage® brings an affordable solution for homeowners to monitor their energy use on every circuit, giving them visibility into where energy is being used – and wasted – and the ability to take action. At the same time, the system lets you control heating and cooling systems remotely using a browser or a mobile device.

SiteSage's unique combination of circuit- and appliance-level monitoring; continuous analytics and diagnostics; tailored recommendations; wide spectrum of safety, cost, and usage alerts; and easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces puts the homeowner in total control of their electricity use.

Total Home Energy Management™

SiteSage provides a Total Home Energy Management solution, letting you manage all uses – and sources – of energy in your home. Total Home Energy Management:

  • Starts with real-time monitoring at the right level: every circuit in the home
  • Continues with targeted suggestions for reducing energy use and leveraging renewable energy
  • Enables you to control your thermostat remotely to maximize comfort while reducing costs
  • Adds ongoing alerts about appliance or PV problems, unusual usage, overloaded circuits, energy bills to-date and more
  • Provides you the ability to see how your actions impact your carbon footprint – and how you compare with others

How SiteSage for Homes Works

The SiteSage Energy Monitor is installed inside the electrical panel(s) in the home, and includes sensors called Current Transformers, or CTs, that clamp around each circuit. In this way, all electricity uses in a home can be monitored.

It supports monitoring of:

  • 120v and 240v
  • Multiple circuit panels

The SiteSage Energy Monitor communicates wirelessly with the SiteSage Gateway, and the Gateway, in turn, communicates with the home's Wi-Fi internet connection, sending energy data to the SiteSage Analytics Engine on remote servers, where the software helps to identify ways to save money and energy. 

Note: SiteSage requires a Wi-Fi connection in the home.

You can connect a programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) to SiteSage via Wi-Fi to control temperature settings remotely, via the web or mobile devices, to help reduce energy costs.