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SiteSage for Restaurants & Convenience Store Chains

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The patented SiteSage system centrally controls and analyzes critical equipment enterprise-wide, delivering actionable intelligence to help restaurant and convenience store chains increase profits.

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The patented SiteSage® system manages energy, water, and equipment across all of your locations. It has been shown to reduce energy costs by 10-20% and to pay for itself in under 2 years, often in 12 months or less. It is simple, powerful, and specifically designed to manage a portfolio of small facilities.

SiteSage combines centralized control of HVAC and other critical equipment with remote monitoring of electrical usage, and applies patented analytics to better manage equipment performance and identify savings opportunities. SiteSage helps maintain the correct balance between comfort and cost; provides a clear, detailed analysis of where energy dollars are going; and delivers timely alerts about equipment performance and other issues. And SiteSage makes it easy to see all locations, identify top performers, and drill down to the equipment level at any facility. SiteSage is the only energy management system endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.

With SiteSage you can:

  • Control HVAC systems centrally – reducing costs and increasing comfort
  • Reduce energy - and water - spending, and increase profits
  • Extend equipment life with intelligent diagnostics and maintenance
  • Enforce operating policies to reduce costs
  • Protect food safety
  • Identify best – and worst – practices across all of your facilities
  • Detect and eliminate unnecessary off-hours energy use
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises and disruptive downtime


SiteSage makes it simple to benchmark energy and water usage across all facilities in the portfolio, as a function of key performance indicators. Benchmarking enables companies to understand which facilities are performing above and beyond - and then drill down to learn why, providing a way for facility managers to quickly hone in on which pieces of equipment are in need of attention across the entire portfolio.

And, unlike traditional building energy management systems, SiteSage is cost-effective, easy to learn, and easy to use. It offers maximum cost reduction with minimal staff involvement.

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